Dr Yu is always happy to discuss and provide opinions of all conditions of the hip and knee, as well as orthopaedic trauma. We welcome all calls, emails and correspondence. For GP's, Physiotherapists and other Specialists, Dr Yu is always available for any urgent calls or referrals at any time.


Any patient can be referred to see us, irrespective of their financial status (health insurance) or circumstance for review (workers compensation claim, third party, public liability).

Dr Yu has both public hospital and private hospital appointments, therefore can appropriately treat patients with or without private health insurance.

Should your patient have a condition that cannot be treated by Dr Yu, he will do his upmost to find the appropriate person to see, who can provide the best possible management.


Generally, a referrer needs to be another medical practitioner. However, patients are often recommended by their physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath or other allied health professional.

For these circumstances, it is best that a referral letter is also obtained from the patients usual GP.

Correspondence, or a reply report, will be provided for all patients, and can also be forwarded to any allied health professional who is involved in the overall care of the patient.


A referral letter is all that is needed from another medical practitioner, typically your usual GP.

Including other information to help facilitate smooth and efficient patient management is also recommended. This includes a MEDICAL SUMMARY and MEDICATION LIST.


Investigations are an important component for patients with hip and knee problems. The following below is a general recommendation for the appropriate investigations that should be included with your patient referral. Individual circumstances may require further specialised imaging.

Knee Problem

(Suspicion of Arthritis)

Knee Weight-Bearing Xray Series

  • AP Weight-Bearing View
  • Rosenberg View
  • Lateral view
  • Skyline Patella View

Knee Problem

(Suspicion of Meniscal Tear, ACL Rupture or Other Non-Arthritic Conditions)

Knee Weight-Bearing Xray Series Knee MRI

Hip Problem

(Suspicion Of Arthritis)

Hip Weight-Bearing Xray Series

  • AP Pelvis Weight-Bearing View
  • AP Hip View
  • Lateral Hip View

Hip Problem

(Other Non-Arthritis Conditions)

Hip Weight-Bearing Xray Series Hip MRI

Referrers Pad

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