Why Choose Dr Julian Yu?

Technology and Evidence Based Approach

Advances in technology are constantly changing the way surgery to the hip and knee is performed.

As a young, modern and highly trained orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Yu Employs the latest Technological Advances and Evidence Backed Surgical Techniques to Treat You condition.

Having global experience in high volume respected centres in the UK and Europe, Dr Yu provides a global skillset and perspective to treating his patients.

Excellence in Patient Care: Quality Over Quantity

Each patient is unique, therefore, each management plan should be personalised to achieve a positive outcome.

Dr Yu takes an individualised approach to the treatment of his patients and takes the time to explain the condition and potential management options in a clear and concise fashion.

When considering a hip or knee replacement, it is important to understand that no knee or hip is the same, even in the same patient. Therefore, it is crucial to personalise the replacement to each patient, which is possible with robotic technology.